Will you run summer camps?

Yes. I have many different camp options available. You can see descriptions and book at panhandleandplay.com/summer-camp


Do you allow drop ins for term or summer camp?

Yes, however, if the term or camp is fully booked, then I won't allow drop ins. Drop in rates are $12 for 45 minute lessons and $15 for 60 minute lessons. You also get a discount for committing to summer camps. 


Do you offer racquet stringing and grips?

Yes. I can do both, with a 24 hour turnaround time.

$20 per racquet for stringing labor. $25 for stringing labor plus Tourna Big Banger 17g. $23 for stringing labor plus Pro Kennex Synthetic Gut 16g.

$7 for tourna replacement grips and $3 for overgrips (both include labor)

Contact me for services. 

Can I join after the summer camp has begun? 

Yes, but only if there are spots available. If there are spots available, you can just pay cash or check for the amount of lessons you want.


Where can I purchase a racquet or pickleball paddle?

I recommend Tennis Warehouse. Link here --->>>>  tennis-warehouse.com ... They have the best descriptions of junior and adult racquets that will work best for your age, skill and budget. For Pickleball, I recommend pickleballcentral.com


Do you offer private lessons? 

Yes. Private lessons are $30 for 30 mins, $40 for 45 mins, $50 for 60 mins and $70 for 90 mins 


Will you take both courts when you run classes?

No. I only claim priority over one court.


What is your refund policy?

No refunds, but you may sell or donate your package to someone else. 

Where are lessons located?

Unless otherwise noted, lessons take place at the tennis courts at the Boundary County Fairgrounds.

Do I need a racquet or paddle?

Not to begin with. I have plenty of racquets of different sizes and paddles to lend you on the day and even throughout a given term. However, if you find that you're committed to playing, it’s best to get one of your own. We can help you choose one that will work for you. 


How much do lessons cost?

Lessons will be sold in packages of a set number of weeks depending on the length of the term. Per lesson they will cost $12 for 45 minutes and $15 for 60 minutes. Over summer camps, where there are two sessions per week, this is discounted slightly. 

Private lessons cost $30 for 30 mins, $40 for 45 mins, $50 for 60 mins and $70 for 90 mins. 


Have you had a background check?

Yes. I had a federal background check to work in the nursery of my church in 2020. 


How many people will be in each group lesson?

Groups will average 5-6 students if package is full. 


How do you discipline bad behavior?

If there's bad behavior like disrespect, cursing, throwing racquets or bullying, I'll give a verbal warming. If it persists, they'll lose their playing privilege for a few minutes. If it persists further, I'll speak to parents. If it persists further again, I'll decide whether or not to suspend the child from the program.

I'm easy going, yet strict when I need to be. Parents are paying hard earned money for lessons, and if someone is making the lesson less valuable for others, it's important for me to take action. 

How much of the year will you offer lessons?

I expect to go from early April until mid October. Once winter hits, I'll be looking for indoor opportunities. 


Will you be wearing a mask, requiring masks or enacting social distancing policies?



What if my child is too strong or too inexperienced for the group?

I'll do my best to move players around to where they will benefit most. Everyone has the most fun when they're competing at a stimulating level. That said, I do reserve the right to that decision. 


Will you carry a first aid kit?

Yes. Although I'm not currently certified in first aid, I have done several first aid courses over the years and it's a personal interest of mine. I also build my own trauma kits and I'll have one on the court with me at all times.  


What is the best way to contact you?

Email is the best way to contact me. I will respond within 12 hours and usually sooner --->> kieran@panhandleandplay.com