Your racquet will be strung the day after I receive it. You may drop off at my home gym or at the tennis courts. Please email if you have questions.

  • $20 labor (bring your own string)
  • $25 labor with Tourna Big Hitter 16g or 17g in color grey.  
  • $23 labor with Pro Kennex Synthetic gut 16g in color whiteGrips 


  • $7 tourna black synthetic replacement grip, includes labor. 
  • $3 overgrip in black, white, pink or tourna classic blue cloth, includes labor
  • $2 grip band 

Grommets, butt caps, balancing 

  • I can perform any modification on your racquet, as long as I can source what's needed for your particular racquet. I'll order the parts and bill you at the end. 

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