Terms of Use

terms of use


Panhandle World LLC (hereafter “Panhandle & Play” or “Coach Kieran”)

P.O. Box 1358

Bonners Ferry, ID 83805

Client is either an individual and/or Parent/Legal Guardian of Panhandle & Play participant(s).

Services Offered

Panhandle & Play offers tennis and pickleball lessons and physical exercise designed to increase athletic skill, fitness and general wellbeing.

Lessons range from individual private lessons to group lessons for adult individuals or children. Times of these lessons also vary and are detailed in the packages on the Panhandle & Play website, panhandleandplay.com

If only one person shows up to a group lesson, then the time of that lesson will be cut in half since it will be a private lesson. 


The laws that govern this agreement are both US law and Idaho law.

The location of the lessons are the Tennis Courts and surrounding facilities at the Boundary County fairgrounds in Bonners Ferry, Idaho.


Start dates and end dates pertaining to packages are detailed on the website, panhandleandplay.com. Client hereby agrees to expect the amount of instruction as detailed on the Panhandle & Play website.

This contract begins it’s signed and agreed to and remains as long as Client is a customer of Panhandle & Play or is taking lessons into the future. The contract will extend until the Terms are Updated.


Lesson packages will be paid up front on the website during booking or in full with check or cash at the beginning of the first lesson. If Client does not pay, they will not receive tennis lessons. Panhandle & Play and its coaches reserves the right to refuse coaching. 


No refunds are accepted for term lessons or summer camps. However, you can sell or donate your lesson package to someone else. 

Panhandle & Play and its coaches reserves the right to cancel lessons for times of sickness, acts of God or other extraordinary circumstances. If a lesson is canceled, it will be refunded or made up at an agreed upon date. 


Panhandle & Play and its coaches reserve the right to suspend Client from the program at their own discretion within the bounds of reason, fairness and Idaho law.

If any child, parent, guardian or individual in the program engages in verbal abuse, physical abuse, ridicule, disrespect, theft, cursing toward Panhandle & Play representatives, coaches or anyone else within the program, then Panhandle & Play and it’s coaches reserve the right to permanently suspend the Client for such actions. 


Coach Kieran of Panhandle & Play reserves the right to make the final decision about which level of program or group a child, parent, guardian or individual belongs.

Weather Policy

Coach Kieran will send out an email and call the number you have provided if the lesson is cancelled. If the weather looks doubtful, please have your phone or email handy. 

If a lesson is missed due to inclement weather, it is up to the client to organize a make-up lesson within the term. 

Damage to Equipment

Any damage to Panhandle & Play equipment whether they be racquets, nets, exercise equipment or ball baskets are to be replaced by the Client who broke the equipment.


It is up to the Client to be at the lesson on time. Lessons will not be extended for latecomers, and will only be extended with Panhandle & Play’s and its coaches’ approval. That said, it is also up to Panhandle & Play and its coaches to be ready for each lesson. If Panhandle & Play coaches are late for a lesson, then the coaches agree to go over the lesson ending time for the amount of time he or she was late.

Lesson times include picking up balls and cleaning up the space for the next lesson to start on time.

Update to Terms of Use

Periodically, Panhandle & Play will update terms of use via email. The Terms of Use will have an appropriate subject title, a summary and the Terms of Use document.

If there is a dispute regarding the Terms of Use, it is a requirement that the Client contact Panhandle & Play to settle the dispute before taking any further action. 

Each update to the Terms of Use will go into effect after the website is updated and email is sent out. If there is a disagreement with the terms of use that can't be settled with civil discussion, then Panhandle & Play reserves the right to suspend coaching or physical training. 

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