Welcome! The 1st Annual Bonners Ferry Pickleball Fundraiser Tournament, sponsored by Selkirk, is to raise money for new tennis and pickleball courts. This is a men's and women's combined doubles tournament.

All players will arrive at the Boundary County fairgrounds. From there, we'll direct advanced players to "Keith's pole barn,next to the airport.

Entries will be limited to 12 teams for each playing level (beg, int, adv).

As a disclaimer, our current courts have been well-loved for years, which means there are some dead spots. The courts are still fine to play on for time being, however, we wanted to prepare you with this information.

If you have any questions, check out the below FAQ or contact Coach Kieran (208)-920-9794 or

register here

  • Registration closes August 26th at 11:45pm
  • You will pay the entry fee ($20/person) on the day of the tournament. 
  • Please register you and your partner. When it asks "number of persons," select TWO. The total should come to $40.
  • Please don't rely on autofill. Make sure you and your partner's email and phone number are correct. 
  • When done, be sure to press FINISH in order to access important tournament information.

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What is the tournament format?

- 8:30AM - 12pm round robin play will be single games first to 11 (NOT win by 2) Each point will count to your team's total to determine seeding for afternoon single elim. tournament. 

- 12pm - 1:30pm Lunch

- 1:30PM - 5:30pm main draw and consolation single elimination tournaments will be first to 15 (win by 2)

- Main draw finals will be best of 3 games, first to 11 (win by 2)

How do I pay for the tournament?

You will pay $20 per player via cash or check on the day of the tournament. 

Will the winners receive a prize? 

Yes. There will be prizes for winners and runner up in each level.

Where is the tournament going to be held?

Beginners and intermediate will play at the tennis courts at the Boundary County Fairgrounds in Bonners Ferry, ID. Advance players will play at "Keith's pole barn," near the airport. However, ALL players will arrive at 8am at the fairgrounds to sign in. ALL finals will also be held at the fairgrounds. 

What if I don't have a partner?

Please email Coach Kieran with your estimated player rating, and we will try to find you a partner. We cannot guarantee we will find you one before draw reaches capacity.

Are there free clinics if I've never played?

Yes! If you've never played, please register in one of Coach Kieran's free beginner clinics so you have the confidence to participate in the beginner tournament. 

Will there be food and drinks?

Yes. We will be cooking burgers, hot dogs, water, coffee and snacks. We ask that you consider a donation if you are consuming.  

Do I need to bring a camp chair?

Yes. There are some bleachers, however, it's best for you to bring your own seating.

What if it rains or is forecast to rain?

The beginner and intermediate tournaments will be rescheduled. The advanced will go ahead since it will be under cover at "Keith's pole barn". 

Do I add my doubles partner when registering?

Yes, you will need their name, email and phone number. 

How do I know if I'm beginner, int or advanced?

  • Beginner is 1.0 to 1.5
  • Intermediate is 2.0 to 3.0
  • Advanced is 3.5 to 4.5

    Here's a video to help you self rate

Is this a doubles tournament?

Yes. This is a men's and women's combined doubles tournament. In the long run, we hope to host singles as well.

What is the fundraiser for?

We are raising money to dig up the current courts and build a new pickleball and tennis complex. We will have more details on that at the event. 

Are there bathrooms?

Yes, there are nice Porta Potties near the children's park to the south of the tennis courts. 

Will there be a tournament referee? 

No, but if there are problems, we'll certainly allow a volunteer to adjudicate. 

Who do I contact if I have questions?

Call Coach Kieran on 208-920-9794 or email him.

Can I bring my family along? 

Yes. There's a great children's park across the way, and the fairgrounds are located next to the Bonners Ferry historic downtown where there are plenty of things to do and places to eat. 

What is Panhandle & Play?

Panhandle & Play is a private pickleball & tennis coaching service in Bonners Ferry, ID. Coach Kieran is using the technology of his website in order to provide information and register people for the pickleball tournament.


Tennis Courts at the Boundary County Fairgrounds

Keith's pole barn

join the free clinics

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